Project Description

The Andy Warhol inspired bananas add a splash of colour everywhere they go.
With their sixties sex appeal, they look fab on their own but even better in sets of 3 or more…Yeah baby! They have a hole in the back making them easy to hang Choose from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Melon, and Teal.

165 mm in length


I design, assemble, glaze and fire each piece in my home studio. I make all my own molds from hand-sculpted shapes and found objects.

I use a porcelain clay slip and mix my own colours using stains and some commercial glazes and lusters.

Because my work is 100% handmade, no two objects are identical and slight imperfections are part and parcel of each object. Each piece is fired to 2160 F (1185 C) in an electric kiln.

New Zealand Orders
Customers can arrange to pick-up if it’s convenient or I do free* shipping nationwide.

*Some exclusion may apply

International Orders
Pricing is in $US and shipping is included in the price.

I am often sold out so please enquire about availability.

Payment is via Paypal or online banking and paid after work is complete and prior to shipping.