Project Description

UFO Bowl – Small

A stable, versatile vessel that needs very little introduction and prefers to remain Unidentified For any One purpose. Uses could include a soup bowl, other primordial liquids, or more solid masses such as cookies and popcorn. Incidentally it makes an excellent feeding bowl for your animal companion should they have celestial aspirations.

60 mm H x 170 mm W. 400 ml capacity


I design, assemble, glaze and fire each piece in my home studio. I make all my own molds from hand-sculpted shapes and found objects. These form the various components that come together to make one vessel.

I use a porcelain clay slip and mix my own colours using stains and some commercial glazes and lusters.

Each piece takes many hours of hands-on time as well as 3-5 firings to complete. Because my vessels are 100% handmade, no two are identical and slight imperfections are part and parcel of each object. Each vessel is fired to 2160°F (1185°C) in an electric kiln and safe for functional use.

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